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Thursday, January 27, 2011


As we start the new year 2011 … lets all make security, in both homes and business premises a priority – it’s so easy to be wise ‘after the event’ let’s try to get on top of crime in our beloved country. This includes the security for all motor vehicles and to be aware and alert at all times, and advise the public of what is going on in Zimbabwe, it helps to put the alert button ON.

The Trust would like to thank the Zimbabwe Insurance Council for their support in securing mobile phones without your help we are unable to get the latest news and incidents going on out there in the field. To Track It your ongoing support in getting the update out to the public is invaluable

We have some unscrupulous people posing as mechanics, spray painters etc offering to sort your car out at a very reasonable price until the final exorbitant bill arrives. They are gunning for the elderly and woman they feel may be a soft target – areas that have been reported as business areas are Borrowdale near the Post Office and Strathaven Shopping Centre …. It is often not wise to use back street businesses as there is no come back on quotes, the standard of repair work, and mostly you are left out of pocket and the business men are nowhere to be found. It is wise to use a firm that has a good reputation but may cost that little bit more or seem to be more but where the job is guaranteed. We are all looking to save and get the best deal for our money – but be warned of the con men out there!

We all need to take care and be more alert and aware of the rules of the road the driving seems to be deteriorating at an alarming rate on our roads and careless accidents occurring – road rage is the order of the day and let the best nerve win … come on, is a new year and let’s try and keep within the law and fatal accidents from happening – Drive with more care and attention please …. Yes! … and that means ALL of us!

Let’s ALL fight this crime together - stay ALERT and SAFE !


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  1. thanks for the advise but, i agreed with you , the only advise I can give you out there is, there is a new online classified add called""where you can list ads for free you can also find garage or any other information on it.recently launched, from there you can take a decision after finding some adress and makes a few calls.