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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Govt to impound vehicles with old licence plates

Sunday, 02 January 2011 21:44
Crime Reporter

MOTORISTS who failed to change their old vehicle licence plates to new ones after last weekâdeadline wills not be fined, as there are no regulations to that effect but will have their vehicles impounded, a senior Government official has said.

Government maintained that all vehicles bearing old licence plates, were with effect from last Friday supposed to be off the countrys roads until they were fitted with new plates.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure Development Mr Patson Mbiriri last Friday said: "Nobody is being fined. Nobody should be fined and nobody would be fined. There are no regulations for that."

He, however, encouraged motorists to heed the directive to have the new number-plates fitted on their vehicles.

There were reports that most people were desisting from going to the Central Vehicle Registry for fear of being fined and were opting to be assisted at Zimpost offices.

"At CVR they should be served without any threat of being fined," said Mr Mbiriri.

He said the situation was very reasonable as more people were coming to get the new licence plates.

"Just yesterday (on Thursday) alone Causeway Post Office was closed at 10pm yet it should be closed 4pm.

"We are not chasing anybody away and anyone in the queue would be served," he said.

Mr Mbiriri said yesterday (last Friday) morning there was a "sizeable" queue at Causeway Post Office.

"But they were no people at Chitungwiza Post Office," he said.

Mr Mbiriri said the December 31 deadline would not be extended and offenders risked having their vehicles impounded.

"We would like to urge motorists not to put vehicles without the new licence plates on the roads," he said.

He said the licence plates would remain available until everybody was on the new system.

Last week Government said those who failed to meet the deadline risked having their vehicles impounded.

So far, nearly a million motorists have heeded the Government directive ever since it was announced.

Of the targeted 1,3 million motorists, 950 000 have already changed their vehicle registration number plates to new ones.

Issuing of number-plates has been decentralised with motorists able to access the services through Zimpost offices rather than just through the Central Vehicle Registry.

The regulations apply to vehicles owned by individuals, local authorities, Government ministries and departments as well as embassies.

Motorists should also have police Criminal Investigations Department vehicle clearance in addition to third party insurance cover.

Public transporters are also required to have a valid copy of the vehicle’s certificate of fitness.

Last week police were clearing over 300 vehicles per day.

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