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Monday, January 17, 2011

This recently posted by a very concerned parent a few days ago:

This recently posted by a very concerned parent a few days ago:

Before the Christmas holidays a group of friends and I decided to go dancing. We are of the 30¹s and 40¹s age range and could not decide where to go. We finally decided on Axiom despite the fact that some suggested we may feel ³a little old².

We arrived around 10pm and waited in line. It did appear to be a rather young crowd. I can not reliably say actual ages of all the people but being a local school teacher I do know there were many students far too young to be out drinking, and I mean drinking to excess, because they attend my school.

The floor was littered with broken glass and at least 2 young girls threw up on the dance floor in the course of an hour. There were many others so drunk they couldn¹t stand nor focus. At different times in the evening I saw very drunk young girls being felt up by much older men and many where very exposed while pole dancing on the platforms provided. It was really very sad to watch these young girls, no more than 15 or 16. Obviously not everyone in the bar was in this condition and I do not suggest that we paint all who go with the same brush.

When I left the bar the scene in the parking lot was even more appalling. My friend witnessed a girl doubled over throwing up and a boy had his hand up her skirt between her legs laughing with his buddies. Worse was seeing actual adults/parents engaging in arguments with their kids boyfriends and girlfriends, and not about the children being drunk and irresponsibleĆ truly who are the adults? There were young people who could hardly walk staggering to their cars so they could drive off, some I overheard saying they were going to Dukes! I am not exaggerating; it was frightening to watch this flotilla of death heading out on our streets.

I was young and foolish and luckily did not have to sacrifice my life for it. I by no means suggest that we can prevent all of the follies of our youth. But must we provide and support such a blatant venues?
Parents do not think that you cannot go in and see what is going on.

We are their elders and are allowed, supposed to, provide boundaries and guidance. There has been an increase in sexual violence against young women. Much goes unreported, I am told, because the girls do not remember much of what happened. Is this what you want for your daughter? Even worse is if they do not make it home.

After I left that night I was sickened to think of what I witnessed.

All I could think is that someone should film what I was seeing and show it at the senior schools. Parents should see what is going on, the level of excess their students or their students friends are engaging in.

I suggest (Mom¹s, Dad¹s, and other responsible adults) you go there, check up on your kids. Let them know you care, that you are there for them and that you will help them...but also that you will not allow them to continue to engage in such self destructive behaviour, and you are doing it for them.

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  1. This has to be the most shocking story I've heard in a long time. Zimbabwe used to be renowned for well behaved youngsters!! Why is Axiom serving alcohol to underage kids? They have to be held accountable. Don't parents see what state their children are coming home in? I wonder if some parents are even good role models themselves when I've witnessed some disgusting behaviour displayed Something has to be done about this otherwise something really tragic is going to happen.