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Thursday, March 1, 2012




1. Simon Mazorodze/ Willowvale Rd Plain Robbery 1630-2200Hrs Bus stop for most people coming from work going home.

Both motorist and pedestrians are at risk of attack.

2. NSSA(Central Ave/ Sam Nujoma) Plain Robbery 1800-2200Hrs Commuters seeking transport to Northern Suburbs fall prey to robbers particularly in the late hours of the day.

2. -Manresa way near Mabvuku High 1

-Mabvuku turn off

Plain Robbery 1630Hrs-2200Hrs

& 0430-0600Hrs -Isolated area where few people are moving to or from work.

-People seeking transport or dropped off lifts during odd hours

3. Stretch between GMB turn off-Zimre Park-M&M Garage Ruwa Plain Robbery Varying times Bogus police conduct traffic blitz, stopping and searching vehicle and disappearing with loots from vehicles.

4. Leopold Takawira between Girls High & Harare Gardens)
Footpaths within Harare Gardens/Greenwood Park Plain Robbery
Plain Robbery Late hours
Late hours Assailants hide up trees and then jump down and pounce on victims walking along the roads. Assailants then disappear into Harare gardens.
Thieves attack pedestrians making their shortcut way through the park, taking advantage of the bushes and shrubs to hide in.

5. Park lane St Extortion Day hours There is no provision to turn right into Park lane St from Herbert Chitepo Ave, if driving from the direction of Leopold Takawira going up. Most motorists are tempted to turn right into Park lane breaking the law in the process. Bogus police officers man this area and extort money from offenders.

6. Seke Road Armed Robbery/Car Theft All times
Late hours -Both commuter and car owners fall victim to purported private vehicle lifts and commuters respectively.
-Commuters are given lifts from Harare and robbed in Chitungwiza soon after Manyame bridge on Seke Rd or New Chitungwiza Rd bridge into Chitungwiza.
- Perpetrated by ‘combis’ which ordinarily don’t ply that route, offering transport to stranded commuters

7. Chitungwiza-Tilco Rd from Chikwanha,Telone exchange, Chitungwiza Hosp to New Chitungwiza Rd Plain Robbery Late hours An isolated area from residential suburbs linking Zengeza area and Chitungwiza Town Centre and Hospital.

8. Magaba Flyover
Railways/Seke Rd Flyover Plain Robbery
Pick pocketing
Bag Snatching
Plain Robbery Early & late hours
Business hours
Late hours When few people are moving the streets, thieves attack individuals making their way to or from work.
Thieves take advantage of the large numbers of people walking the streets to pick on pockets and snatch bags.
As crowds seeking transport along Seke Road, thin out during late hours of the day, thieves pounce on isolated individuals robbing them of their valuables.

9. Area around 5th Street/Nelson Mandela/Central Ave-Railton Sports Club-Road Port Plain Robbery Late hours A catchment area for thieves as it is a hive of activity with people making their way to the bus termini.



1. Kirkman/Harare Dr

Kirkman/Tynwald Rd

Borrowdale/Witwell Rd

Churchill/Sam Nujoma

Churchill/College Rd

Bishop Gual/Rotten Row

All intersections leading to the Airport

Cork rd / 2nd Street (near SA Embassy)

Samora Machiel/Rotten Raw

Paisley and Lyton Smash and grab Sunset into the night -Thieves take advantage of cars, stopping or slowing down to give way at road intersections and rail road crossings.

-They smash car windows and grab whatever is within reach as motorist panic to the sudden bang.

*NB: Incidents are not limited to the above mentioned areas and any crime may occur in any place as the opportunity presents itself to the

assailants. Similar circumstances in different places will give rise to the same crime occurring.

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