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Monday, January 5, 2015

Flooding on the Kariba Road

I have just spoken to Lindy Griffiths who lives in Karoi. She had a houseful of unexpected guests last night waiting for the rains to abate. There were apparently 30 families bedding down at Rydings school for the night as well – great to hear about the community spirit that always comes to the fore in this part of the world when we have unforeseen circumstances like the floods on the Karoi Roads yesterday. – long may this characteristic continue.


The waters have, apparently, subsided enough for travellers to complete their journeys between Kariba and Harare. Lindy did say that there had been no rain in Karoi between 1pm yesterday and 9am this morning. The clouds were, however, down low so there will probably be more rain later today.


It would appear that those people leaving Kariba and Chirundu early enough this morning would be able to drive through. For those of you that are not in a rush there are a few cottages available for a very reasonable rate at Charara. There is, after all, no rush in Africa!


As with most flooding the roads are likely to be in a bad state of repair with new pot holes in unusual places. There will also be all sorts of flotsam, tree branches et al in the middle of the road. Remember too to give a helping hand if you see someone stuck on the side of the road.


There is likely to be a lot of chaotic drivers in a hurry to beat the floods so take care and drive slowly. Please send any interesting photos to share. Please don’t put them upside down like someone did yesterday!


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