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Monday, January 12, 2015

Athol Wormald

“Sorry to tell you that Athol Wormald passed away very suddenly in Cape Town.


Seems just before Christmas Athol was at home in Harare and had a fall.  He was treated in hospital there but not x-rayed and sent home.  He was due to go to Cape Town ten days later so he travelled, only to collapse after he had got to destination.  Was rushed to intensive care when it was found he had a fractured spine, was severely dehydrated and was bordering on renal failure.  He must have been in agony flying to Cape Town to join son Steve and daughter Jane for Christmas.  Sadly Elizabeth had passed away a couple of months earlier.  Athol had been released from ICU and transferred to a frail care unit where he very suddenly passed away at 9.00 AM this morning,  9/1/2015.  May he RIP with Elizabeth.”


Athol was a quiet and dedicated man very suited to his position - i/c the legal section. If you’ve ever wondered who was responsible for much of the drafting and putting together of the Parks and Wild Life Act 1975 and thereafter, the myriad of amendments to the Act and Regulations Athol was the man. He also had major input into the Trapping of Animals Control Act, the Bees Act and other legislation. One of the ‘back room boys’ that many never saw but an unsung hero never the less. Athol we salute you, your diligence made all the difference to law enforcement in the field, there were few if any loop holes.


Our deepest sympathies to Steve and Jane.

Jane’s email address is


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