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Monday, January 5, 2015

Kariba Road

We went off the main road and around someones farm, somehow ending up by alaska mine!!  i have never been so terrified in my life.  Five toyotas stayed together and dug and towed each other out at various points.  We left the main road at 530ish and got to chinhoyi around 10 last night.  I cannot recommend it to anyone.  Stay on high ground!!  i am going to big sky tomorrow morning to buy all the stuff they advertise and you never think you going to need!!! 


My brother left Kariba at 12.00  yesterday and got stuck at the first flood, think it was 40km harare side of Karoi for about 3 hrs And then the second flooded stretch by that wheat/dairy farm dam near Chinhoyi they eventually tried to sleep in their car at 1030pm till level dropped. They have now arrived in Harare at 5.30 am this morning

See maps for 24 hr and 48 hr below
cid:875C5EFF-3786-4D58-A955-5CF88101F456   cid:DA7CA882-9078-4A58-8EE0-BAF4207A5266    


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