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Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Help needed

From: therese paterson []
Sent: Monday, January 12, 2015 12:26 PM
To: Rose Stead-Sawpower Blades
Cc: Sherryl
Subject: Seeking a 4x4 lift please


Dear Rose,


As I said on the phone, Bruce needs to have an op done at Karanda. The doctors have told him and Sherryl that it will be done as an outpatient procedure and that for whatever reason, it needs to take place on a Thursday. Please can you send the following message to your contact in the 4x4 club to put out to the members?

I/we appreciate your help with this,

love and light,



Is there anybody amongst your members who is available and prepared to help Bruce Freel by offering their 4x4 transport and driving skills to take him, 3 carers and his wheelchair (which is NOT collapsible and will need to be secured) from Greendale, Harare to Karanda Mission Hospital near Mt Darwin as a day trip on the 22nd January?

Bruce, who is paraplegic, needs to have an op which will be done as an outpatient procedure. The intention would be to leave very early in the morning and return the same day. The return journey may require some dusk/night driving. Nevertheless, just in case, it would be wise to take a change of clothes if something unforeseen happens which requires an overnight stay. For this reason, if there is a lady who is able to offer her driving skills, this would be preferred as this would simplify the sleeping arrangements should they prove necessary.

Your vehicle would need to have comfortable seats which recline so that Bruce will be able to be as comfortable as possible for the post-op return journey. Your costs will be gratefully refunded.

If you are not already familiar with the area, there are two routes to Karanda. The shorter one using the causeway across the river is impassable at this time of year. The alternative route which is 16kms longer (total journey about 200kms one way) is a rough dirt road which does not usually require 4x4 vehicles. However, the recent rains have flooded the area and we understand that the high bridge was submerged and that the road has deteriorated. Currently access is restricted to 4x4 vehicles.

If you require more information, please phone Sherryl Freel on 0772304129 or  (04) 494139 or email her on

thank you so much, in anticipation that someone wants an adventure!

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