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Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Driving Licences

Annoyed by the $30 ‘hire’ charge levied for the use of a driving school vehicle in a VID driving test, I pressed my daughter’s instructor on why she was not allowed to use our small Mazda 323 to take her driving test. He, and is colleagues in the yard, passionately assured me this was impossible.

Thinking it a tall tale, I went to the Senior Instructor on duty. He categorically assured me that no such rule exists and students are indeed able to take a driving test in a vehicle belonging to either one of their parents with the following stipulations:

1)      The vehicle must have a manual gear system and must be of a size easily manageable by the student ie no big 4x4’s, etc.

2)      the owner of the car should be a parent of the student taking the test ie. both parties should bear the same surname. In the event of a different surname, original supporting documents to this effect should be provided.

3)      On booking the driving test, the student is to bring the relevant original car papers, along with a supporting original letter from the parent (and owner of that particular vehicle) authorizing their child to drive said vehicle. A copy of ID documents for both parent and child should be attached.

Please can you let people on your mailshot know this. It may save struggling parents a lot of money considering nobody passes first time.

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