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Monday, April 4, 2016

Rusape warning

I just wanted to share what happened to me and friend on Friday in rusape.

I had just taken the turn to Juliasdale from main road and pulled off to side of road parking parallel to get a phone out of the rear of car. There were no lines to indicate how to park.

as I was about to get back into the car a man approached and as I got into the car a few more men and a woman appeared and threw a flat bar with sharp spikes under my front drivers wheel. They were all shouting saying I didn't park properly.It was quite scary and I wasn't sure what to do.

They were saying there was a fine of $65 to which I was saying I wanted to see identification. No one could produce any but the next thing a truck arrived with Rusape council police painted on the side. I got out and explained I had stopped for less than a minute and the man said the fine was $30. This all happened at around 6 30 am and after paying the fine we noticed another vehicle clamped as well along the roadi was given a receipt from the rusape town council environment section.

please warn people not to stop along this stretch as obviously they are targeting tourists


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