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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Favebook page on ZRP

You may be aware that an excellent forum has been setup on FB at

The purpose of the group...

We have created this group because we want to bring to the attention of the "Powers that Be" the harassment that the general public is facing at road blocks on a daily basis...

We all agree that road safety is of the highest priority, and checking for unroadworthy vehicles or faulty/missing equipment is something that needs to be done. However, the unnecessary harassment of drivers, to say nothing of allegations of corruption, cannot be tolerated. To quote the ZRP itself:
“The ZRP does not tolerate corrupt elements and has both legal and administrative apparatus to eject such from its system" said Commissioner Ndebele []

We encourage you to use this group to share your experiences, whether positive or negative, but we will not tolerate abusive, offensive or insulting posts. Although you may feel like swearing, please keep it clean!

When you post something about an experience, please give the date, time and place, and, if possible, the name and number of the ZRP officer involved. You are entitled to ask for a police officer's name and number.
We will try whenever possible to provide information about your rights at road blocks, and any other information that might help.

Lastly, thanks to 'Dear Zesa...', which has proved to be an enormously successful group and gave us the inspiration to start this group, though there is no connection between the two.

So please share / tell / add all your Zim friends to this "Dear ZRP" group as we need to attain a critical mass to make an impact!

There has been some great interaction from folk country wide & the 'file Section' has all current docs that are available to the public. 

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