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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Watch out

From: Colleen
Sent: Wednesday, May 11, 2016 8:43 PM

Hi Mike

I would like to inform companies about a group of people masquerading as Municipal police and a City of Harare Inspector.  The ‘inspector’ is a tall African man, wearing a blue work dustcoat with a HM printed on the pocket. The Municipal police are dressed in uniform -  2 African men and one woman. 

They are asking to see the company’s City of Harare licences.

 When I asked the ‘inspector’ for identification and his name and work contact number, he refused.  He was arrogant and insisted he had every right to close us down if we did not show him the licences.  They came around to our work place yesterday morning, and harassed our sales man and workshop manager and threatened to close us down if we did not produce the licence, or pay them us$ 400-00.  Management  told the salesman to let them close our doors.  They said they will be back in the afternoon to see management.  They did come back in the afternoon, but I was still unavailable so they said they would come back today, being Wednesday, at 10:00.   They arrived today at 11:30 insisting I show them the licence or pay them us$ 400-00.  As I am aware that all City of Harare employees have an Identification document which they will present on request, I realised that these 4 people were not who they said they were. I played along so as not to provoke them.   I insisted on Identification, and told the police that they even should know the law, and that anyone can walk in pretending to be someone else, and so I would take the matter up personally with City of Harare, to confirm my rights.

They left when they realised I would not be cooperative.   

I went to City of Harare to report this group and have been given the following information.


Call Mrs Mawere – she is in charge of all inspectors in the Msasa area. Her number is 0772 269 864

Should anyone in Msasa have these three walk in and you are able to take of photograph of them. You can send it to Mrs. Mawere.  With no names or pictures, action is very difficult.

City of Harare have had similar incidences and take this seriously.


Colleen De Bruyn

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