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Thursday, May 26, 2016

removal of the illegal settlers from Chishawasha to Hatcliff.

has been helping with the settlers from Chishawasha and sent me this email today. Ciao Mike G.

From: Jacqueline Anderson

Good morning Readers

FBC has asked us to put their statement out concerning the removal of the illegal settlers from Chishawasha to Hatcliff.

As said in previous correspondence the Bank provided transport to take the people to the Hatcliff area and two tents.

We have also asked if they would consider assisting with toilets etc which they are looking into.

Mega Pak donated a water tank.  Meikles Foundation donated 20 000 lts of water.  Lucky Brand – mealie meal and blankets.  Muslim Community  provided a borehole yesterday and plastic sheeting. Individual & company Cash donations and goods & clothing have been coming in  -  Mealie bought through cash donations.   Chinese Business Association – loads of bread loaves. 

The community are still in need of blankets (very very cold out there)  / sugar & tea & milk (mainly for the children) / water (will take time for borehole to be up and running)

Toilets & buckets

Items can be taken directly out to the Hatcliff Area and all receipted through the people in charge co ordinated by MP Mudambo   Alternatively please drop at Highlands Presbyterian Church Att MM  Hat/Res

Huge thank you once again for those who are been so generous.  

I know I always say it but     “we have the best people in the world in our country”      who can rally to meet a need of someone less fortunate than themselves. 

Below is FBC’s position on the same.

The evictions which have been executed are as per the High Court Judgement passed in 2013 under case number 12422/12.  This land was acquired back in 2008. As you may be  well aware, FBC is in the property development business and this property was part of our land bank, earmarked for development.   We in fact hold title to this land. While we were in the process of completing a number of other housing projects around Harare and in other cities, the land was occupied by illegal settlers who have consistently refused to move.

The case has been dragging since 2013 when FBC was granted an order by the High Court  to evict the settlers. The illegal settlers were served with eviction summons two weeks ago and some of them heeded the call and vacated.  The remaining settlers were peacefully removed from the area with the assistance  of Harare North Member of Parliament, Hourable Mudambo who  managed to find them land to settle in Hatcliffe.  On humanitarian grounds, FBC has provided  temporary shelter for the settlers as well as transport to move them and all their belongings to an alternative site organised by Mr. Mudambo.  

This piece of land is part of our property earmarked for development and as such, must be vacated for its intended use. FBC Building Society has in the past 6 years successfully built and sold over 870 low, medium and high density housing units around Harare and select cities, in support of the government’s initiative to provide decent and affordable accommodation to the nation. We seek to increase our footprint in property development across the length and breath of the country.

Warm regards

Jacqueline Anderson

0779 163400

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