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Thursday, May 19, 2016

Old Age: Agreed. However we all have different genes which to a certain extent govern the age to which we live. Our lifestyle of course also to a certain extent governs our life expectancy. Unfortunately some people have genes that pre-dispose them to depression or negative thinking.  However it must be said that too many of us have our cup is half empty instead of our cup is half full philosophy to life. Especially in Zimbabwe where we face many challenges. It is worth all of us trying to remember the words of Melanie Reid who became a tetraplegic through a horse riding accident: we are never grateful enough for the simple things in life like just waking up each day and still being able to wiggle our toes  Charles


Worth warning motorists of yet another Police stop on the Chirundu Road.   At Buffalo Downs coming towards Harare, on the downhill with left lane pitted and broken tar, with faded lines ----  the temptation to move to the centre lane which is in reasonable condition will result in a fine as they are waiting for you just around the bend !!  KEEP IN LEFT HAND LANE, despite the suspension damage !!  Cheers  JS


Just reading the "New way Fwd" that be fine! but then seriously the charges need to be REDUCED!!! FOR USING PLASTIC MONEY, otherwise the NEW RIP OFF!! will come into effect. Colin


Well done Mike for highlighting this and well done Richard for your comments - learned the hard way! Healthy lifestyle habits including diet is part of the holistic approach of the stress management and life coaching courses and client coaching I provide. And it never ceases to amaze me with so much information out there now how ignorant of the workings of our own bodies and brains most of us are. If we don't know how they work, then we can't know what to do when they're not working so well! And so much stress and ill health is entirely preventable - just with a little knowledge and a few lifestyle changes. 80% of illnesses are stress related after all. Pamina


We have had owned a boat for many years and have  towed it all over the country.  However we are now limiting the amount of times we take the boat out as the police at the road blocks have become very aggressive towards the fines for various things.  The latest (which was on Tuesday) is that we have to have a red flag at the back of the engine.  We argued relentlessly with him and in the end he did not fine us for that but for the fact that we didn’t have a light shining on the number plate.    Regards Linda


I suggest and agree that the Public should become more conscious of "A World Without Litter" and this first starts at home with Parents educating their children not to Litter - however, I do not agree with the suggestion or idea that the Municipality to whom the Public who pay rates, the respective Mayors of their Towns and Cities in Zimbabwe, the Ministry of Roads and Transport - and in particular, the Honourable Minister himself, should be fully responsible and accountable for the state of our Roads and specifically, as you suggest, the "potholes debacle". Stop allowing a consciousness of " Lack of Responsibility" - with such suggestions - it perpetuates the problem of endless handouts and allows corruption and lack of transparency to continue in Zimbabwe and her surrounds.
As a Member of the Zimbabwean Public I DO NOT SUPPORT or ENDORSE the above suggestion and ask those , who I have no doubt, ONLY have good intention, but actually need to recognise that such suggestions just aid  and abet the endless lack of Responsibility to the jobs and only teach the next generation to do the same!


There is also a very potent ransom ware virus circulating at the moment. I received an attachment from a known address. Thinking it was an invoice I opened it. Unfortunately I downloaded a virus instead which immediately set to work encrypting all my personal files.

When trying to open one of my  files, I was denied access and it led me to a website which offered the key to open the file for a price paid in bit coins. Like something out of a Hollywood movie. I immediately switched of the machine and removed it from my network. Fortunately my files were all backed up, but even after several attempts to remove the virus including a factory reset of the machine, I eventually  had to have the hard-drive replaced.  My machine was protected by anti-virus software, which unfortunately was no help. My IT guy said that this was the 5th time he has seen this particular virus and he thinks that the creators of the virus hack into domains and send emails out using that address to all the email addresses on the domain. In this way, the receiver trusts the sender and therefore is more likely to open the attachments.

It is worth remembering only to open attachments you are expecting, and not just open attachments from trusted sources. Interesting times


Conmen: I have had a similar incident at my house of three very well dressed gentlemen in suits and driving in a smart new red sports car tried to gain access to my home property in the Emerald hill area. They were very insistent over a period of time that they were from the Municipality, slightly changing their story as time went on as they saw the domestic was not co-operating by opening the gate. This happened at 10.00am in the morning. They had said my neighbours had reported me for an offence and they were here to check up on the report and needed to come in.

Of course the neighbours had done nothing of the sort !  As people get more and more desperate and I am sure this kind of incident will be on the increase. Maureen



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