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Thursday, May 19, 2016


From: Jacqueline Anderson

Good morning readers

Many people asked where the folk have come from   Here is the back ground.   Big thank you to those who have already donated.

Many of these people have been living on the land since 1984 from when they were working for some white farmers.  When the original owners were removed the families created their own community with grass and mud huts and a few wooden structures.  Apparently the land was bought by FBC Bank who have several  partners some time from 2012 and now the people living there were considered “illegal settlers”.

FBC Bank said they were going to remove them to Hatcliff over a year ago and then nothing came of it.  Suddenly it happened in the last few days and the MP in the area was trying to get a “stay” for about two weeks until we could get some water etc into the area where the people were going to be relocated.  FBC Bank apparently said they were not waiting any longer but because it was done in such a hurried manner, they would provide the trucks to move the people with their belongings and place two large tents in the new area which they did.

There is no running water available and some of the established families are charging $1 for a bucket of water which most cannot afford.  Many of the families moved are out of work.  We visited the previous site a few times last year with a small amount of blankets, food and toys as they were finding it hard then to cope.   There are no established vegetable gardens, no power and no housing.

Very sad indeed.

The children have been extremely cold the last few nights.  Have not bathed for a few days and many of them are not sleeping properly for obvious reasons.

The assistance right now would be the following:

Greatest need in order :

·        Blankets (only for those who are desperate mainly the children)

·        Water  - biggest need

  (have a bowser going today.  Water tank being delivered.  The need is to fill containers with water which I am trying to source today)

·        Vegetables

·        Mealie Meal (for a period of time until they can plan a way forward)  Have had 1 tonne donated so far

·        Water tablets

·        Family tents  (they have four Unicef family tents )

A lot of the children have bad chests and seem poorly and need to be looked at

·        Large pots to create a communal cooking area

·        Cups

·        Buckets with lids

Items can be dropped at Highlands Presbyterian Church  112 Enterprise Road att  MM/Hatcliff Resettlement

Kind regards

Jacqueline Anderson
Miracle Missions Trustee                              

m:+263 779 163 400

Smiling at the future, extending our hands to the needy

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