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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Cell Phone use in cars - warning

Please see below re: talking on cellphones while driving
The safest, and most prudent thing to do is to use a hand's free kit, or hang up and drive.

Morning all - one of our members has asked that I please forward to

everyone - this seems to be a very genuine mail.

Please note that the ZRP are authorized to deal with you as follows if
you are seen driving and talking on your mobile phone at the same
1. You will be asked to pull over;
2. You will have to drive to the nearest Police station and sign
an admission of Guilt and a docket will be opened against you for
breaking the law;

3. The Police will not lock you up once you sign the Guilt form
but you will thereafter be summoned to go to court depending on the
Magistrate you get on the day you can be fined starting at US$1500 to
upwards of US$5000
AND also if the Magistrate feels you need to be taught a lesson or
made an example of you can also go to JAIL for a minimum of 2 weeks.

5. Please note there are NO SPOT FINES for this offence.
6. Do not attempt to pay your way out of this situation if you
don’t have a minimum of US$500 on you then you don’t have enough you
will be going to the Police Station anyway.
You are allowed to use a Hands Free Kit while driving.

This information has been given by a Reputable Legal Practitioner in
Harare for your benefit and safety.

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