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Sunday, March 25, 2012


For 50 years Eskimo Hut has been a part of the Bulawayo 'scene'.
Generations have grown up visiting this popular and well known landmark for their 'Ice cream' treats. It was for many years
the 'hang out' for teens and young adults who would gather in the car park and show off their latest 'wheels' - Renault's,
Cortina's and the like.

It prospered through the busy Trade Fair years when it served Pies, Hot Dogs and toasted sandwiches as well as its well known Ice cream.

It survived through the difficult economy and is still serving todays generation of customers.

Even though there have been changes and upgrades over the past few years, Eskimo Hut has now been told to 'move on'.

They need support if they are to remain where they are so if you feel strongly enough that Bulawayo would not be the same if  this landmark were to go or have fond memories of the way things were - then please email:

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