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Sunday, March 4, 2012


VEHICLE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS : Police roadblocks now checking ‘date of last servicing’

Police roadblocks have now started checking whether you have had your fire extinguisher ‘serviced’ at the 6-monthly intervals stipulated on the supplier’s adhesive label.

Below we outline the law – and give some information about the 6-monthly service.

The relevant section of the 75-page regulations, contained in SI 154 of 2010, is section 53 – ‘Spare wheel, tools and fire extinguishers: all vehicles’. The relevant extract is as follows –

(1) No person shall drive a motor vehicle… unless the vehicle is equipped with

– (d) in the case of

(i) a light motor vehicle, a serviceable fire extinguisher of a (size) commercially known as 0,75 kilograms; or

(ii) a heavy vehicle, a serviceable fire extinguisher of a size commercially known as 1,5 kilograms.

(2) Every fire extinguisher… shall be

(a) of a type and make approved by the Standards Association of Zimbabwe, which approval shall be visibly marked on the fire extinguisher; and

(b) secured at an easily accessible and visible position within the cab of such vehicle.’

The legislation does not stipulate periodic servicing. However, it does stipulate a ‘serviceable’ (i.e. a working) extinguisher – and since the product is pressurized, it makes sense to periodically check it since a non-functioning extinguisher will be worse than useless if your vehicle catches fire.

Zimbabwean distributor Fire Armour Services yesterday charged $3 to re-pressurize my vehicle fire extinguisher and affix a new adhesive label showing month/year of service, technician’s number, ‘S’ to signify ‘serviced’, and when the next service is due (in 6 months time). The process, including receipting, took 10 minutes. It is important to check the new label shows/does not obscure the SAZ-approved mark, since the police will no doubt look for that.

For general information, Fire Armour Services are situated at 4 Craster Road, Southerton, Harare. Hours are 8 to 1 and 2 to 5. Contact Vongai Marime on Harare 620261-3 or 0773 000 229/0733 083 581 (also for information on what to do if you are outside Harare). It is always advisable to phone ahead to check that technicians are available and not out on their rounds. For another $3, FAS will fit the extinguisher in the cab of your vehicle. And if you have not yet purchased one of the requisite fire extinguishers, the company also stocks those.


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