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Monday, March 12, 2012


A warning to fellow joggers, this morning at 5.15 I was violently attacked by an African male wielding a knife, along Borrowdale road just after Dandaro.He attacked me from behind tried to rip off my shirt and stab me at the same time. My screaming alerted the Dandaro guards, with this he fled, leaving me in the middle of the road, thankfully I am ok a little shaken but alive..hope this can help any other runner.

Many thanks
There has been quite a few times, young men trying to sell tortoises outside of Latombo Spar over the last few months. We have rescued 2 so far and let them go at the lower part of our garden and they have wondered off into the bush nearby which is very large empty lane next door.

Not long after reading the section of this e-mail about police harassment, I had a call from my daughter. She was in quite a state as she too had just been through an experience with the police where she was accused of going through a red light. They threatened her with the cells. When she commented that she had two babies with her in the car and what was she going to do with the children they told her to call her husband to collect the children. He then asked her to count out her money which she duly did, she only had $50 on her. He then told her to "fold it up because what you are doing is illegal" - in other words she was paying a bribe according to him. I personally have experienced a problem with police at the traffic lights on Connaught/Argyle Hill Rds in Avondale, where they accused me of going through a red light when I knew full well that the lights were green. Where is this all going to end and what can we do about it!

My wife came home at about 1530 hours on Thu afternoon, her last port of call being TM at Borrowdale. As she walked into the house the gate bell went and over the intercom a male voice said he was from the police and my wife had made an illegal turning across oncoming traffic. Fearing that it might be more police harassment, she declined to open the gate or to go to the gate to meet with the guy. Nothing further happened.

In retrospect, she vaguely remembered seeing a silver car following her, but at some distance, from about the Steppes/Ridgeway intersection. That car had dropped further behind when it got caught up in the traffic circle at Chisipite, so she was able to get inside the property and close the gate before the car could get close.

t seems that the hold up at the traffic circle thwarted their plan which was to follow my wife in the gate. When that did not work they then tried to get her to the gate by pretending to be police. It's common practice for thieves to select their intended victims in shopping centre car parks, but people should also be very wary of allowing people inside their properties who say they are the police.

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