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Monday, July 2, 2012


You now have to have your wits about you every time you go out in your car ….. it seems that the underworld are climbing on the band wagon and seizing every opportunity to con the public and unlawfully fining them with no authority … especially targeting women on their own or with young children in the car.  The latest scam is the exorbitant amounts asked for when illegally using a mobile whilst driving. This IS an offense, but the amount for the spot fine is no more than USD$20. All policemen have a force number which you are entitled to ask for, and an official receipt should be issued to you. Using a hand-held cell-phone while driving is illegal - we ALL know this has been law since August 2002.  So be more responsible and use ‘hands-free’ devises if you must speak whilst driving. There is no doubt that concentration is averted from driving when talking and often accidents happen which could well have been avoided. Do NOT stop in the middle of the road with flashing hazard lights on …. This is still not safe, pull right off the road out of all flowing traffic if you need to be on the phone, this is being careless, and not driving with due care and attention. If you are behind the wheel you know the law so adhere to it.

Avondale West, Mount Pleasant, Alex Park have reported break ins, with the very long hours of no power that we have been experiencing, and with no let up in the very near future as far ZESA is concerned, we need to be more vigil, and make sure that the security is as good as possible to alleviate extra stress in our daily lives.  Battery backup is often not having time to fully recharge at times, so have other measures in place to counteract this.  Keep gates locked, even in daylight hours, make sure all staff are aware of your security plan and that they adhere to it. Keep grills over all windows and entrances, doors etc at all times where possible, it may be more of an effort but it’s for peace of mind.

Come on .... lets see the difference and make Zimbabwe safe ........

Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE ! 

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