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Monday, July 16, 2012

Blind Zebra

On Saturday 14th Cavan came across a semi blind Zebra near the Carribbea Bay bus stop where the Road Blocks normally are.
He was wondering aimlessly. His one eye seemed completely blind whilst out of his other eye he could see a bit of movement.
He seemed to have been in a fight, with what, we are not sure.

Cavan waited with him (as he was very close to causing accidents with vehicles) whilst The Area Manager for Parks and Wildlife was contacted and Andries Scholtz.
It was decided and agreed to dart him and move him to a safer area whilst Vets were contacted or his eyesight improved.

He was taken to Tamarind Lodge and was quite happy there but decided to become an escape artist during the night and bust out through the electric fence !!.

He was located again and now has someone following him with radio coms.

By midday Sunday another 2 had joined up with him. They are presently on the Powerline area from Cutty Sark side through to Nyamhunga.

Cavan thinks his sight has improved slightly so he is just going to be monitored for a day or 2 to see if it improves anymore. He will have 2 people following him during the course of the night.

PLEASE pass this onto all in Kariba. He has a BLUE X on his rump and one ear with more blue on various parts of his body so it is not easy to miss him.

Although we should all exercise caution when Wild Animals are on the road as they have the RIGHT OF WAY, in this case, this applies even more so and extreme caution should be exercised. Please look out for him and do not HOOT or cause any noise to frighten him. Imagine if you were wandering on a road without full eyesight and recovering from wounds.

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