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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Information for Zimbabwe

Borehole Registration: I went this afternoon to ZINWA – No. 128 Samora Machel Avenue – not signed as ZINWA – just recognisable by the big no. 128. It is a little old house on the block between the garage and food court..  The payment to register a borehole is $40. You are given a form to complete – usual details – name, address, telephone number, ID No. (needs to be details for the owner of the house, so if you are renting, need to get the owner’s ID number) and then you need to complete the GPS co-ordinates on the form.  The form then has to be signed by a commissioner of oaths and you then have to arrange four copies in total and take it back.  If you do not know the GPS co-ords, then they can arrange an appointment for ‘you’ to come and collect their guy and take him to your office and then drop him back at the office. His diary is filling up quickly and that costs an additional $20.  The lady is very helpful there. I was able to pay and partially fill in the form and make an appointment for their guy to come out on the 11th July. I have been given a receipt and my name put in her book even though I have not yet finalised the co-ordinates and completed the form. She did say the deadline was today.  Perhaps it may be another one of those cases where they extend the deadline. I forgot to ask her if she knew what, if any penalties would be imposed for those registering late.
Harare Residents are increasingly placing large rocks/poles on the road verges outside their properties to "protect" the piece of lawn between their wall and the tar. Well, last night, road verge rocks outside two adjoining properties near the southern end of Bromsgrove Road in Greendale were used to set up a trap on unsuspecting motorists.  The rocks were laid at a casual angle across the road from the outside of the two properties and funnelled motorists towards to the eastern side off the road where there is a tree. Very well thought out!  Aside from being illegal to place these rocks in the road servitude, they can be used against motorist as above. I do not know if anyone was caught in this but if you have rocks outside your property on the verge, be duly warned - they could quite easily be used against you.
A friend of mine, Liz, went to the Banket Cemetery over the weekend to visit her parents graves as she does regularly whenever she goes that way. Apparently there are many graves of all the old farmers that lived there for generations and the whole graveyard is just overgrown and totally neglected and it really upsets her. she has been in touch on numerous occasions with the Banket council who are "shocked" and will do something about it!! I said I would e mail you on her behalf as you seem to know what to do and who to call and we would appreciate any help in the matter. 
Be warned please. I was driving down Whitwell Road tonight at 8.25 pm and stopped at robots Cnr Borrowdale Road. Two guys came up from behind = one on each side. and tried one door and cupped their hands on back windows to see what was inside. My 10 year old daughter and I both noticed the movement for some reason and I drove off immediately. I called Borrowdale Police to report it and asked them to send some one there as I really felt it would happen again as they hadn't been successful  - but too late, minutes after this attempt, they smashed another car's windows and took a lap top off the back seat. The other area they are active is robots at corner Churchill and College Road. Even early evening. The police sent a plain clothes  and two uniformed officers to the scene  to search immediately and were very responsive and helpful so it is worth reporting even suspicious individuals loitering after normal hours as you may just prevent somebody else being robbed before it happens They do follow up and DO have a plan of action. My doors were all locked and my bag wrapped around the gear stick, as always, but that doesn't prevent them smashing the window.I think the only reason they didn't move fast enough was that they were struggling to see what was on the back seat (clothing and school hats) and that gave me time to leave..I don't wish to be overly dramatic but  I have a 20 year old son and an 18 year old daughter and it worries me that if your teenagers are coming home very late that this may happen to them and how nasty it could get if there is no one else around so please ask them to keep valuables hidden away to try to reduce the risk of loss of possessions or possible injury. They will be back, too lucrative a hot spot for them not to.

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