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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

"Firewood, timber and forest produce controls

From BILL WATCH 28/2012

"Firewood, timber and forest produce controls SI 116/2012, effective  from 2nd July, contains detailed regulations made under the Forest  Act by the Minister of Environment and Natural Resources Management  and designed to protect Zimbabwe's trees.  Firewood sellers and  traders, timber traders and farmers using firewood for flue-curing or  flame-curing tobacco will need licences to cover their activities.

The use of msasa, munhondo, mopane and certain other trees for curing  tobacco is prohibited except under stringent conditions.  Persons  transporting or exporting more than half a cubic metre of firewood or  timber will need a permit.  Licences and permits will be issued at  district level by Forestry Commission officials or local authority  officials authorised by the Commission. 

In addition to criminal  penalties for breach of the regulations, control measures include  provision for seizure, pending court proceedings, of both wood and  vehicles used to transport it that may be liable to forfeiture on  conviction."

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