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Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Last weekend, 21 and 22 July, people tried to get into our property in Croborough Road Mt Pleasant during the day.

We have a neighbourhood Watch operating very successfully at night with Police Reservists patrolling 3 roads in our suburb protecting 22 households. Hence I’m sure the daytime visit.

On Saturday four large, well built men wearing dark suits and gloves tried to get the gardener’s daughter to unlock the gate as they had an envelope to give to the ‘Boss’! She refused to open the gate and when the ‘Boss’ was seen in the garden on the cellfone they ran back to their silver coloured car and drove off. Again on Sunday they returned. We are hoping an eye-witness who saw them that day can give us the make of vehicle and the registration number tomorrow, Tuesday.

We have since heard that a similar incident happened closer to the university where the house was actually cleaned out. Please be watchful all the time and ask your staff to report all strange characters they see loitering, and not to talk to odd bods walking along the roads.

Further to the report we sent to you the other day……..
There were 3 men in the car, two were black and one of them had ragged hair, the other man had a lighter complexion. They were heavily built and all wore gloves.


Number plate…..ABC 0665

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