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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Community Comments from harare residents

My husband attended the water crisis meeting on Tuesday and was sad to see that not many of the younger generation where there who this most affects in the years to come
A new turning signal has been installed on The Chase/2nd street lights by the pizza inn. This is great for the school traffic but unfortunately few drivers coming from the Mt Pleasant side of The Chase are aware of it.
Almost every morning for 2 weeks I have witnessed drivers assume the signals are broken because the oncoming traffic on the Chase begins to move.  Our Zim training has caused us to make this error. Please caution your readers to be aware of this. Kind regards Taryn
With the approaching rains and the prospect of our roads descending into further disrepair, I wondered if residents would consider "adopting" a pothole? If we each claimed responsibility for the potholes alongside our verges - filling them in using whatever method is possible to the individual - would that not help substantially with the alarming pothole-induced wear and tear on our cars, while also lessening the danger of not knowing the depth of water-logged potholes? Perhaps this could become a neighbourhood project? - Tyred-Out
There have been gangs of workers in this area obviously laying cables.  They are dropped off every day but where are the latrines for them?  They have been in the area for some time.  They are using people’s hedges as lavatories!  Where are the PORTALOOS???  I hope that you can do something for us poor elderly citizens??  A.M.
National Blood Service Zimbabwe ( are also quite often short of O Positive blood. Whilst this is the most common type it is therefore also has the highest demand, and last week and the week before I needed for my dad and they weren’t able to supply for a few days. For those of you that haven’t donated before, please do yourself a favour and pop down to the NBSZ (on Mazowe Street North next to Parirenyatwa Hospital) to see what a professional setup they run. There is nothing to be afraid of, it is essentially a safe, fairly painless and relatively quick process. Regular Blood Donor
I have been in the queue for over 5hours for the Brian adams concert and I cannot believe the incompetence of Zimbabweans. Every person feels they have the right to push in and the queue moved 30 people per hour. The sheer loss of logic of daves events shocked everyone. How useless can they be where they have two people selling tickets for over 3000 seats. They are selling throughout the night apparantly. Has no one heard of a ticketing system and organization. Only 160 people have been served by ten o clock.
just a heads up to shoppers at chisi shops. Yesterday, around 3pm my dad walked in to get bread from bon marche, when he returned his cell phone, and external hard drive were gone. Bon marche CCtv captured it all outside. my dad leaving the vehicle, you can clearly see him locking the car.  they must have had the signal jammers that were mentioned a while back.  a black hyundai sedan pulls up next to the car, he reaches into the car grabs the phone and hard drive, and drive away easily. unfortunately no reg number could be seen just a caution to shoppers,'
Agree with Pat re turning lanes and the like being used as additional driving lanes. Cycle paths seem to suffer the same fate in parts of town. On Upper East this used to happen until one fine day when several taxis had several flat tyres... the police responded well when these drivers complained of malicious damage to their vehicles by giving them all community service and making them place steel bollards across the cycle path to stop vehicles from using it. Never a problem since. Regards Spike...
The last few weeks have seen crews digging trenches in the Vainona area for fibre. Today we had an unmarked white vehicle with 2 "gentlemen" arrive at our gate claiming to be there to install internet which of course we had never requested. Luckily our domestic was quick thinking and asked for their phone number saying she was going to call the madam and she would call them back. ...they were off like a shot. Please, people need to be aware. If you are expecting internet technicians and you wont be in remind your staff to check for ids. Maybe the internet providers can let people know when their technicians are on their way and most importantly let the customers know if they are unable to make it. Many thanks. Vainona resident
Please advise your readers that three guys including a coloured man doing the rounds, are actually using a Black Nissan Cedric with tinted windows instead of the claimed black merc which can look similar.
With Regards to keen2bgreen , broken computer items and sorts , how about donating them to that place (Sorry can't remember the name) by Jaggers , the disabled kids break them down and learn from them. We donated a whole bunch last year. With regards to disposable nappies , how about going back to the good old days of washable nappies!!?? Regards Cool Cat
After a holiday in RSA I'm  back. Didn't see a single vehicle with a yellow reg plate on the whole trip including Ballito and Durban. Not like the "old days"!! Border post operating very efficiently. No touts!!Through both sides in less than an hour. Tshipise has been completely refurbished. Lion and Ele still friendly and comfortable. Road not too bad. A few potholes and lots of ZRP road blocks - friendly and courteous. The disgrace of the trip was the roundabout near the old 7 mile hotel/Boka Floors area - wild and uncontrolled traffic - double and triple parked. What a bad impression it must create for visitors to Zim.
Please could you extend my thanks to the kind gentlemen who stopped to see if I needed help on Churchill Ave East this Friday (8th) afternoon in the rain.  i had pulled off and was walking along searching the verge as my car had thrown off a wiper in the rain and i needed to find it to drive home.  I'm sure I looked like a drowned rat as I was being drenched by the vehicles racing past on the road as well as the rain, when a charming young man in a small dark blue car stopped to ask if I needed help - even more commendable to offer help as it was raining. A little further along two young men turning into a house drive also stopped to offer help and offered to drive me home if I could not find the wiper.  Such lovely manners and such helpful young men made my day - my sincere thanks to them. Fionna.
I am writing to tell you that I too was violated at 1.30 a.m early hours of Friday morning  the 8th November when the perpetrators proceeded to cut the alarm wires on my electric gate and motor which were attached to the house alarm.  Obviously Safeguard Rapid Response came immediately and I decided that I should have the protection of a Guard!!!  I had the alarm repaired but at 2.30 a.m. the following morning we were targeted yet again, this time they cut the wires for my external alarm system which controls all the sensors on the outside of my house.  They also cut my Security light Cables.  How they gained access over my high wall with sensors inside the house and outside we still do not know.  Thankfully for Safeguard they came into the property again and we decided that we should get a policeman so that Avondale Police Station was aware that there were criminals hitting on innocent people in the area.  Safeguard went to collect the Policeman!!   These CRIMINALS have terrorised me and I really do not know what to do about this matter.  I have been to lodge a report at Avondale Police Station.  They have said that they would see that a patrol is sent out into our area which is WEST ROAD, Avondale.  There was one other house hit the same night quite close to me once again the security lights were damaged but they did not manage to take anything with them.    Why should we have to live in fear as I am now going to have to do?  I have had my staff for many many years and I have had no problems with anyone.  These criminals are obviously hitting on soft targets and what is it that they are after – gate motors again – I have already lost two and half of another one!!! 
Just wanted to advise people on Leicester road Emerald hill that we have had two men at our gate, two days in a row. My domestic spoke to them from the side of the gate a said it was a coloured man and a black man in suits asking to clean our carpets. She told
them on the first day we were not interested but they were back this morning asking again. I have heard another house was broken into during the day down the road.. Please be ware. Thanks Kirsty

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