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Monday, November 11, 2013

Fake Notes

From a reader
Regarding the fake notes, my staff were given a fake note when selling stuff outside on the road – a chap in a car bought a $20 blanket with a $100 note, thus making off with a free blanket and $80 real dollars!

The gardener used it at Helensvale shops where it was discovered to be a fake.  The guard there took him to the police station at Borrowdale and he was charged with handling fake currency and kept overnight.

The police told him to either plead guilty and pay an $80 fine, or to go to court, but they were not releasing him.  We intervened, managed to find witnesses who verified the chap in the car handing over the $100, and reluctantly he was released after a night and day in jail.

The police are taking this very seriously, they have clearly heard every story there is about how one comes to have fake currency and are not prepared to let it go.  The person caught with the false note is the one who gets charged, end of story.  Our point that the chap in the car was the one who handed it out and he should be followed up, was not of great interest to them.

The moral of the story is therefore, check your notes – how

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