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Monday, November 11, 2013

Mozambique situation update

Just a quick update, I was away for a few days so did not get much info but am back now and can report the following.
Last week there was 2 attacks on the convoy, Monday and Tuesday and there were no injuries.
I also heard last week that there was a rumour in Harare that there was a shoot out in Vilanculos, this is totally false, there was no such incident.
The incident which happened at Inchope was also misleading. A Coke truck which was supposed to have been ambushed was not it had an accident and the Police fired on civilians to chase them away as they were trying to rob it.
Archipelago Sun have been working on an alternate road for holiday makers to use to reach our part of the world using the Sango (Old Vila Salazar) border post. The road is passable but not the best, I would recommend three or four cars travelling together so can help each other out in case they experience problems. Anyone interested in details please contact Archipelago Sun, or the Reilly’s in Harare. Hayden Barbour from Honda Marine in Harare also travelled the road yesterday with three other vehicles I am sure he can give first hand advise. I also am not sure but I think Simon Silcox is travelling the road via Xai Xai to Sango Border Post, so people who want to bring boats this may be the option as it has a lot of tar.
I am positive things will calm down after the Local Elections which are scheduled for 20th of this month, at the moment electioneering is in full flight with lots of noise and flag waving processions.
That’s all for now

From: Dugong Lodge Inhassoro
Sent: Monday, 11 November 2013 4:41 PM

The attacks on the convoy have continued this week both Monday and Tuesday. As per my last mail the convoy is still running but I do not advise people to travel on the Muxungwe-Save River Road at this time. If the situation improves we will let you know. South of the Save River we are still safe and and open for business.
There is an alternate road that visitors can use to come to our part of the world, it is a dirt road, people from Vilanculos, returning from a wedding in Zim., used it two weeks ago and it took 7 hours from the border. The road is via Villasalazar, it is part of the Trans Frontier National Park (Gonarezhou) right in the south east corner of Zimbabwe.
The guys are busy compiling a mail with directions and pictures and we will try to post as soon as they are finished. I know the vehicle used was a normal 4 x 2 pickup and they reported no problems. There is the recently refurbished Railway Hotel right at the border for overnight accommodation. Anyone needing a visa will have to get it in Harare as even though they have the capability to issue visas it will cause a considerable delay to the journey as there is only one official at the border post.
Best regards
From: Jeff Mahon []

Just to advise that I came back to Zimbabwe on Monday from Inhassora in the convoy.  The convoy was attacked 10 kms from the BP garage Muxungwe.  I was about the 17th car and the last to get away.  The rest behind me were held up and I never saw them again, so do not know how long they were delayed.  The police in Inhassora said yesterday that one soldier was killed.  I have been unable to get any further information. 



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