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Friday, March 13, 2015


I have just received a text from a friend who said there have a spate of robberies involving a lady driven Toyota Raum without plates. Sometime ago in Avondale the lady bumped a certain guy's car slightly from behind and when he got out to see the damage the passenger guy then got out holding an electronic taser and threatened to electronically shock him whilst that was happening the lady driver was busy searching the vehicle for any valuables.  Please be on the look-out especially on quiet roads and areas.


Last night as I was leaving tin roof an African gentlemen followed me to my car, I ignored him and got into my car, he got in the other side and begged for a lift home as his friends had apparently deserted him and his car wouldn’t start, in hind sight there is a million things I should have done, but I didn’t.  Long story short he ripped my handbag and phone away from me when I stopped on the road to let him out and threatened to stab me etc if I didn’t let go.  Along with all my personal effects he made off with my Samsung S4 mini and my handbag with all my cards (bank, medical aid, ID, drivers licence etc) if anyone comes across any of these please contact 0772308300 or Highlands police station.  Name on the cards is Leanne Murray.  Many thanks


Now that Geoff has got over the shock of the brazenness of the robbery, he has asked if people in Marondera be given a description of the bag itself, as it is very distinctive.  It is a black backpack-style holdall, with several side pockets, and the words “Wines of Austria” printed in white along the back.  His notebooks, of which there are two, are A4 in size, and contain the notes he took on his course and needs for his exam in June.  Again, if anything like this is recovered, please could they contact 0772 240130 (Alison) or 04 744070 (the house) to let us know.  He returns to England tomorrow, but if they are found, we can arrange for them to be returned to him.  Thank you and kind regards, Claire Holman



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