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Friday, March 13, 2015




This month the most important facts we would like to bring to the attention of ALL reading this is:

Increased theft from motor vehicles which are either parked in a yard be it in the home or public parking areas. If the vehicle is left outside, or even those put in a garage at night make sure all are securely locked with an alarm device which will give off a warning if tampered with.  For added security where possible have an outside alarm sensor which will give off a warning before the vehicle or vehicles are tampered with, this will in the long run be far cheaper than having the repairs to the vehicle done.  When parking in an ‘unprotected area’ for any length of time if possible make sure your vehicle is in view and close by or have a ‘guard’ with you to look after the vehicle as it only takes a few minutes for a break in and the perpetrators to take off with your valuables, shopping etc   or better still put all in the BOOT out of view.

Break in through the roof is becoming more prevalent especially in commercial areas. Make sure the control panel for the alarm is in a protected area and where possible away from the public eye so that it is not tampered with.  Make sure that the equipment for the alarm is not placed in the roof as this gives easy access for tampering.

Often new extensions are added and furniture etc is moved and this may now not be covered by the sensor parameter that was initially installed please check that ALL areas are covered for peace of mind. A physical check is easily done and will give you the exact area that may need extra coverage. Cheaper once again in the long run!

Please be ALERT and very AWARE if you come across a break down or any person coming into the road flagging you down to stop. Especially at night or if it is in an area that is not well lit … this could well be a SCAM .. use your discretion as we are a caring nation that helps others in need.

Please ensure adequate lighting at gates for your safety when returning home. Make sure all overgrown plants are cut away from the electric fencing as this is a sure giveaway that the fence is disarmed or not working ….


Let’s ALL fight this crime together  - stay ALERT and SAFE !


ANTIHIJACK TRUST: Email: or            
 Phone : 0772221921 or your nearest Police Station.

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