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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

British Nationals

You are no doubt aware that elections take place in the UK in May.  The UK Government wants everyone who is entitled to vote to be able to exercise that right. We are writing to inform you as British nationals living in Zimbabwe how you can vote.  We would also be grateful for your help in spreading this message to the wider British community.

British nationals living overseas can now register to vote online making it quicker and easier than ever before. British nationals living overseas can also choose to vote by post, through a proxy vote, or in person if they happen to be in the UK on election day.

To be eligible to vote British citizens living overseas must have been registered to vote in a UK constituency within the last fifteen years. For the first time in a UK General Election, those eligible can register online at


Those registering to vote no longer need to have their signature attested by Consular staff, provided they have a National Insurance Number (NI). Where an NI number cannot be provided or the personal identifiers fail verification, and where the Electoral Registration Officer cannot verify that person’s identity using local data, the applicant must provide an attestation to establish their identity.


We have put this information on our ukinzimbabwe Twitter and Facebooks sites and would be grateful if you could forward this further to inform your British contacts.





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