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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Snash and grab

I know most people are aware of the danger at the traffic lights on the crossroads of Borrowdale Road and Whitwell but thought I would just post a reminder!  Yesterday evening travelling in the pouring rain in the dark in heavy taffic (it was 6.45p.m) I was obliged to stop at the red light, 2 cars in front and others drawing up behind me, cars on my right on the dual carriageway.  Visibility was awful and I was concentrating on that and had forgotten that I had not removed my golf kit bag from the front seat on to the floor, nor had I put my handbag on the floor by my feet as I ALWAYS do!!!  I had also forgotten to open the windows just a fraction which would have helped. The sudden smashing of the passenger window and the explosion of glass was like a bomb going off  and of course I knew at once what it was and turned in time to see someone running off with my kitbag.  Then I realized he had my handbag too!  I cursed my stupidity at having forgotten to put the kitbag in the boot and my bag by my feet.  I started by thinking it is only my driving licence, having left all credit cards etc. at home but slowly it dawned on me the extent of my loss and even the next day I was remembering more and more items that were in both bags, not to menion some very favourite items of clothing!  I am always wondering why people are so careless as to put their bags on the passenger seat and then I go and do it myself!!

So this is just a reminder to be so aware, especially at slow-changing traffic lights.  I was such an easy target for the thief and no chance that he would be chased into the vlei by anyone in the dark rainy night.

Take great care!!!


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