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Wednesday, March 4, 2015






Zimbabwe Rugby Mourns the loss of a mentor, friend and true Gentleman of the Game.

The Funeral Service for Reginald (Reg) Joseph Nield, will be held at Prince Edward School on Friday 6 March at 10.00 am followed by a Burial Service at Greendale Cemetery and Tea at Prince Edward.

After playing rugby on the Copper-Belt in Zambia and later for Manicaland with greats like Tinnie Martin, Reg moved to Old Hararians where he made a name for himself, playing for them during their heyday along other greats such as Des Christian, Brian Murphy and a young Ian Robertson. ‘Old Boys’ became a formidable team beating some of the top Clubs in South Africa such as Cape Town University, Shimlas for the Free State and Stellenbosch University.

He represented, and also captained, the National Team over a period spanning some ten years.  During the days when Zimbabwe (then Rhodesia) competed in the South African Currie Cup it was known as the toughest provincial competition in the world.  The team made a name for themselves playing fast running rugby against bigger and heavier opponents; on numerous occasions causing upsets in the competition, coached and masterminded by Ian Mackintosh.

Reg was a regular member of the team and was known for his competitiveness and one hundred percent commitment to both his Club and Country.  He went on to coach Old Hararians for many years. He coached the First and Second Team Edwardians – who at that time because of their strength competed with the First Team in the National Super League.  Later on, Reg helped coach Country District sides Marondera and Norton and later Provincial Country Districts.  He assisted with the University Team for a couple of years where he turned them into a competitive Second Division outfit. 

Around this time he became heavily involved in Humanitarian work all around the Country and dedicated a great amount of energy to alleviating suffering and bringing relief to hundreds and thousands of Zimbabweans. He accomplished this by facilitating AIDS/HIV intervention Programmes into many High Schools, the Army and other institutions.  He also helped to rehabilitate medial facilities around the country and facilitated collaboration between foreign and local doctors who helped thousands of people free of charge.  He belonged to the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints; was a respecter of all persons and loved everyone. 

Despite his huge commitment to these charitable programs which kept him extremely busy, his love for the game of rugby could not keep him away from the playing fields and he continued to coach school boy rugby, being involved with various teams such as Prince Edward 1st XV, Peterhouse and Eaglesvale (then known at Bothashoff).  He was often seen on the playing fields at junior schools throughout Harare, freely giving of his time and knowledge.

Almost all players that he coached will tell you the same story; that he was a great motivator and inspired camaraderie in the teams he was involved with; and in many cases, especially in the school teams became a mentor and fatherly figure to many of them.

His contribution to Rugby over the years was well known and given freely.  The players knew him for his physical tackling practices.  He firmly believed that if you were committed and courageous enough to tackle properly, you could do anything!

His beloved family have lost a Patriarch, but Zimbabwe has lost a sporting hero.  Reg set an example to all and truly lived the Values of Rugby.

He will be greatly missed by the rugby fraternity of Zimbabwe.



It’s high time for a new newsletter and announces the 2015 dates for all events planned.

Get your diaries out and reserve the dates for some fun events.  


Hope you enjoy our stories on our Ngomo Kurira day, the mudrun and our Rumble in the Jungle. 

We also had a good AGM in February. Tim Thorburn has resigned from the committee. Many, many thanks Tim for everything you did for us! Boet Erasmus has been appointed to the committee and has already taken his place in the Jamboree committee as well. Welcome Boet! Some fresh blood and hopefully some fresh new ideas.


Thanks to Jason Young and Mike Gill for their contributions.  Enjoy the reading.



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