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Friday, March 13, 2015


Please can you put out an urgent appeal to fishermen & anglers who use the Gache Gache River to please come forward and make donations to keep the project running urgently.  We can’t pay the team unless this happens. Our boat motors need attention, (thank you to a kind donor from Durban who just sent us a Mariner 25), the Land Cruiser is off road so can’t do any major patrols etc.etc. We know times are tough but we have come this far and really need assistance as we just can’t keep paying in from our own pocket as the lodge has been fairly quiet of late and not much income to support the anti poaching team.  We do have 3 faithful monthly donors whom we are extremely grateful for, and we also thank the fishermen who DO pop in to make a donation when on the river,  but we just can’t come out on that alone. We would hate that we are just getting there and its a matter of maintenance only, and then the whole project falls apart due to lack of funding. The account details are: Gache Gache Anti-poaching, CABS, Ac No.: 1003438687 or contact Pat on or 0772264159 if you feel you can help in any way. I will put out a wish list ref the spares required for the land cruiser in next couple of days. It is a Nyaminyami Community based project that we support, we don’t get any funding from Parks although they help us with manpower now and again upon request. We rely on the fishermen and pro anglers and some do fish in the river, but don’t pop in to make any donations which is very sad and rather a poor show. Ray takes a lot of flack keeping this going as some of you know. Please make some effort to help us out here. Many thanks in anticipation.

Kind Regards

Pat Townsend

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