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Friday, March 13, 2015

Lunch - Meg Coates Palgrave

Meg’s lunch this coming Sunday – 15th March 2015.


By now you should all be aware of the program but in case you’re not ........


The timetable for the day will be;

10.00 - 10:30 am: assemble at the Botanic Gardens Restaurant

10.30 – 11.45 am: Walk in the garden, led by Meg – be prepared -  bring your hat, sun tan lotion etc.

12:00 noon:  speeches and presentation to Meg

12:45 pm: Lunch

There are no events organised for the afternoon.


There will be beer/cool drink and wine glasses at the venue.   Bring your own tumbler with you should you need one for you own drinks. Wine will be supplied.


If you have a story (or reminiscences) to relate  about Meg, let’s have it by email or else you can tell the story during speech time at the venue. We would like to use these contributions to Meg’s life for Tree Life too!





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