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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ethucal Hunting

From: Meryl Harrison

In your recent email of CFU (Commercial Farmers Union) Calling (August 7th), under the column Executive News, your writer included  a lengthy list of all the people who would be subjected to loosing their jobs or have their business's closing if the ban on hunting went ahead.

However I was surprised that at the same time, there was not a word about the hunting industry in Zimbabwe perhaps cleaning up it's act?


Fundamental to ethical hunting is the idea of a fair chase - let those responsible put their house in order first.

This would mean the end of illegal hunts, canned lion hunts, the use of live animals for bait, the hunting of nocturnal animals using off-road vehicles and high powered lights, electronic "calling", and the hunting of leopards using packs of dogs.

The late well known conservationist Viv Wilson, was quoted as saying "the leopard doesn't stand a chance" - proven perhaps by the fact that leopard hunts using dogs, advertise them as being "100% successful".


The Confederation of Hunters Associations of South Africa policy on Ethical Hunting and Fair Chase states "A recreationally hunted animal should exist as a naturally interacting individual of a wild sustainable population - baiting is hardly a natural interaction, neither is setting packs of dogs on leopards.


Hunting of wild life in Zimbabwe is unlikely to be banned, but at all costs it must be ethical, transparent and free of corruption.


Meryl Harrison



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