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Thursday, September 24, 2015

Total Eclipse of the Moon



On Monday 28 September  2015 there will be a Total Lunar Eclipse visible from all over Zimbabwe.


The Moon will enter the Earth’s shadow completely at 4:11 am, maximum eclipse is at 4:47 am, and  totality will end at 5:22 am. At the start of totality the Moon will be low in the west, and it will continue dropping to the horizon: Moon set is at 5:45am. While in the Earth’s shadow the colour of the Moon will change dramatically from it’s usual silvery white to a coppery or dark brown.


It is worth setting your alarm to get up early to watch this spectacle.

You do not need any special eclipse viewers, but you do need a clear view of a low western horizon, so you may need to go out of your house and garden to an area clear of trees or buildings.


The next Total Lunar Eclipse visible from Zimbabwe will occur on 28 July 2018.  And the next Partial Solar Eclipse we can see is on 1 September 2016.


More information about eclipses etc. is at


Dr Francis Podmore





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