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Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Serices offered by the British Consulate

Services offered in Consular Section


Emergency Travel Documents

Assistance/Support for vulnerable and distressed British nationals. The attached link Support for British nationals abroad: a guide illustrates what we can and cannot do for British nationals overseas.

·         We have Vulnerability Checklists that we use to assess the degree of vulnerability then decide if someone needs more consular assistance than what we would normally provide e.g home visits

Consular support includes:

-          Victims of crime

-          Prison detentions

-          Hospital visits

-          Welfare cases, especially for the elderly and vulnerable


UK State Pension queries


Crisis Response - we regularly test the Embassy Crisis Management Plan for a co-ordinated response in a crisis/emergency situation in assisting British nationals


Home Office Citizenship Ceremonies (swearing the Oath of Allegiance)


Congratulatory messages from the Queen - 100th birthday cards, 60th wedding anniversary


Telephone Service - for British nationals wishing to contact HMPO, Pension Service or other UK Govt Depts


Warden Network - consular representatives who are a source of local knowledge and information in the community.  They also assist in a crisis/emergency situation.



Services no longer offered in Consular Section, and date when stopped


UK Visas                                                                                                                                               2005


Nationality & Citizenship Determinations                                                                              2009


Repatriation Scheme                                                                                                                      2010


LOCATE Registration                                                                                                                       2010


Obtaining duplicates of lost Zimbabwe birth/death/marriage certificates                               2011

on behalf of BNs


Home Office Renouncing, Reclaiming Citizenship including Citizenship                    2012



Witnessing Signatures on Proof of Life Certificates for UK Pensioners                     2013


Documentary services – certifying documents including British passports              2013                                                                                                                                                                                      

War Pension Claims                                                                                                                        2013


Renewing Diplomatic Passports                                                                                                 2013


Passports applications/renewals                                                                                               1 January 2014


Historically, FCO Consular Sections processed passport applications/renewals overseas on behalf of HM Passport Office (formerly Identity & Passport Service).


In 2006 the National Audit Office recommended that the FCO and HMPO look at ways of reducing costs, reducing the security risks associated with transporting large volumes of passport books internationally and merging of the UK and overseas passport services. 


With passport fraud and identity theft on the increase, the way passports are issued had to change to safeguard personal identity and ensure that UK passports continue to meet both international security and quality standards.  All passports produced now have more sophisticated security features designed to reduce the likelihood of identity theft and passport fraud.  It is therefore not affordable to print these new passports overseas.


Following the 2006 audit, all passport books were removed from Consular Sections around the world and the service repatriated back to HM Passport Office in the UK.  Zimbabwe applicants now apply directly to the UK.


Issuing Consular Birth/Death Certificates                                                                              14 December 2014




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