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Saturday, April 25, 2009

Reps bar Prices

Regular live entertainment in the bar has become a feature of Reps for many years now, a feature that anywhere else you would be asked to pay an entrance fee to attend such a function. We have, however, always insisted that these events are part of bringing together club members in a social environment and as long as all costs associated with these events are covered by the increased bar takings, our mission would be accomplished . Unfortunately the bar take is now insufficient to recover the costs of these events, owing to the understandable situation whereby bands can no longer afford to play in the bar for free as they used to, so in order to continue providing you, our members, with live entertainment in the bar, we must recover the costs somehow.

We do not belief that a “cover " charge is the correct way to go as someone who stays to hear only two numbers pays the same as one who stays for the whole event, so we are instituting an increase in the price of drinks during the time that the live entertainment is provided. Thus, presuming that the longer you stay the more you will drink, those who get more entertainment pay more for it! A bit like “pay per view ". In order to assist in reducing this burden, we will also always have a “Happy hour " of lower prices before any such event, so that you can save and offset against the cost of your later drinks! Normal bar prices will be in place before the scheduled start time for the entertainment, so members can feel free to still come down and have their favourite tipple and leave before the entertainment starts if they so wish.

An event of this nature will attract an entry fee of no less than $5 anywhere else and we have calculated that the average member will only pay about $2 extra on the price of their drinks during this time, which is a real bargain don't you think! You also would not expect to see one of our productions for free - this is just another production in our busy calendar!

See you all on Friday night for St. Georges day celebrations with Rob and Ellie, when the new system kicks off, starting at 8:30 pm! Support your pub so that it is able serve your interests better!

Tim Garrard
Bar Liaison

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