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Monday, April 6, 2009


We here on Imire Safari Ranch, a Black Rhino Breeding station are on full alert! The Rhino poaching in Zimbabwe has reached a serious level. We had a Rhino meeting last week which was extremely alarming. We are losing Rhino at the rate of 2 a week, and now down to the last 500 Rhino this includes both black and white. The last of the Rhino were taken from Chipingali in Bulawayo last week end. The poachers used a dart gun, drugged the animals whilst they dehorned them but sadly never used the drug to revive the rhino. Last week again, in Matusadona which is a National Park along side Kariba one of our rhino which we released in 1997 called Cleopatra was drugged, dehorned by literally scalping her, she has survived, but for how much longer we are not sure.Cleopatra is now faceless. How cruel has man become? We know that the involvement is at top level together with a Chinese syndicate, without law and order we are fighting against evil on our own.

We have our 4 Rhino segregated so as not to have all our eggs in one basket so to speak! We have one section with two Rhino, electric fenced with solar panels and 2 armed guards on each section nightly,plus two National Parks rangers (never to be truly trusted, they come with all sorts of problems) We fully realize we are up against the strength of the army who seem to be linked with the poachers and are armed to the hilt with automatic machine guns and belts of ammo...a fearful thought!

We most certainly are looking for funding to add more men to our anti poaching unit. At present we have 6 men on the ground, this doesn’t include the National Parks. It costs roughly US$75 per man per month. We have to keep our Rhino alive its a vital gene pool we are holding, we feel we can most certainly do this with outside help, we are fortunate in a way as our Rhino are confined to a small area at night, so its top security we are after.We cannot under any circumstance allow a poaching incident to happen.

We fully appreciate the economic climate in the UK and world wide, sadly the Rhino story cannot be put on hold,if you know of a Company whom would like to adopt a Rhino or individual/school to support our immediate need in helping save this already endangered species from extinction, we are more than willing to receive and accommodate their needs and terms of agreement.
We cannot allow in our life time to witness the loss of a species due to greed of man kind.
Please can you help us find support.

We really do look forward to hearing from you.

Kindest Regards

Judy Travers
+263 912 243 072

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