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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Herewith a letter regards our ZESA charges.

We are living in a residential area and the charges from ZESA are just unaffordable at the moment.

For the month of DEC 08/Jan 09 charges were in Z$ which I paid a total of Z$500 billion BY CHEQUE on the 21.1.2009 for 1481 units I gave ZESA the actual readings over the telephone.

I had to go to them quite a few times before being able to get the charges as nothing had come out.

After the 16th March 09 I was told that the DEC 08/Jan 09 charges have to now again be paid but this time in US$. The Z$ payment was scrapped because the money meant nothing, despite the fact that it was still a legal tender at the time. I was told the bill was US$108 but suggest I pay US$20 until the correct tariffs had been sent through from Harare When that came through I was told to pay the remaining US$80 for DEC 08/ Jan 09 bill.

Apparently outstanding is the February bill 1931 units for US$184

March 09 bill 951 units for US$89

These above charges are unaffordable and to charge us again for Dec 08 /Jan 09 surely is wrong.

Can something be done for us as consumers regard these unaffordable charges?

Yours faithfully

Noeline van Rooyen

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