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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Leopards and Servals in greystone park

Excerpt from Zim Conservation Task force:
For the past few months, people have been reporting seeing leopards and servals in the Greystone Park area of Harare but nobody seems overly concerned about it because they feel this might account for the low crime rate in the area. However, we were asked for assistance recently because a Greystone Park resident woke up one morning to discover that all that remained of his Boerbull, was his head and hind leg. We called in the wildlife vets, Keith Dultow and Lisa Marabini to examine the evidence and they confirmed that the dog was killed by a leopard. The resident's wife claims she has also seen a small leopard on her property so it is possible that the offending leopard has a cub.We have set a number of traps around the area to try and catch the leopards so they can be released into a wildlife area.

Comment - some years ago i had a pet serval and it finally went back to the wild - in greystone park.....

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