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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Medical labs

From a corespondent
I would like to warn people about results at the Labs around Harare. Always go for a second test if your test does seem right to you and go to another lab.

My daughter is pregnant and went for a rubella test to a certain lab in Harare and this test came back positive in the danger period of pregnancy and it took 3 WEEKS for the results to come back. She had an injection against this as a teenager so they decided to go to another a lab for a retest which she duly did and this took 3 DAYS not 3 WEEKS and the test came back negative.She then went back to The First lab. and asked them what the story was and they told her that Sorry it was a TYPIST'S ERROR!!!.

Now this TYPIST ERROR caused a lot of stress in the family and I feel this sort of ERROR should not happen as surely with such an important result it should have been be checked first before informing the patient.

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