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Wednesday, October 7, 2009


How short lived the low crime rate report has been …. It’s now on the increase again. The Trust has received reports of both house robberies and attempted hijacking. It seems that new gangs have emerged in areas, and have not always been successful but attempted to gain entry into premises. In most cases the borehole pumps and gate motors with the intercom have been taken or tampered with. We have experienced a lot of powercuts and load shedding again and this always makes it difficult to keep alarms and sensors activated. Be aware of your dogs bark … the tone and urgency will always be a good indicator and raise the alarm, be sensitive to this, but do not open the door or go out to check. You will be a target for the intruders to gain entry and remember all these gangs are armed. If you are away it is wise to make arrangements for your security to be increased or checked at regular intervals in your absence. It is a big responsibility to be left entirely to the staff, make it possible for them to also have a backup plan to fall on.
Attempted hijacking seem to be in progress by stopping or jamming the electric gate from opening fully, be alerted and do not get out to check what is stopping the gate. Call for assistance, or hoot continually, raising the alarm for help. These arbitrators will have a getaway car in the vicinity waiting to give them assistance and therefore just watching for a wrong move. These gangs are also fully armed. We suggest that you do not always take the same route home at the same hour every day as you may be under surveillance and your pattern watched and noted. Keep vigilant whilst travelling and do not drive into your entrance if you see any strange activity or too many people loitering around the area. It is known fact that we have a large percentage of unemployed desperate people in Zimbabwe just looking out for a gap in security. Vehicles theft of Lancruisers is ongoing and the areas affected Borrowdale and Mount Pleasant, robberies and other incidents in Emerald Hill, Greystone Park, Bluff Hill and Westgate.
Summer is upon us so be sure to use your security gates when opening doors for the cool air and alarm activated in places that are not being used. Please remember to close windows when leaving an area, this is often the entry post.
Let’s ALL fight this crime together - stay ALERT and SAFE !

TEL/FAX: HARARE 04-309870/309800 /091 2 221 921

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