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Friday, October 9, 2009

KARORI Farm update - Charles Lock

KARORI Farm update - Charles Lock

It has been over a week since the soldiers of the ZNA evicted the farm workers, beating many in the process and raping two women. No one has been allowed on to the farm , however we have been getting reports from people who we cannot disclose to protect their identities, that

the army have broken into Mr Lock's house and looted his provisions.

They have also taken maize and fertiliser and still commandeer all the equipment using it at their will, even to visit beer halls with the tractors as transport. The police still refuse to assist or abide by the court orders. We have requested countless times for them to assist with getting our cattle, and things but we are told the normal excuses of no transport or must have a direct order from their superiors. We have offered transport but it is refused. The names of the soldiers on the farm who have committed the atrocities under Brid Mujaji are

Sgt Mukoni, Sgt Mutami, Corp Kuuya, Tevera, Choukani, Mushonga,

Murambiwa, Chubvunje, Tatenda, Mutamba, and Sithole



The General Agriculture and Plantation Workers Union of Zimbabwe is investigating serious cases of sexual harassment of women - among other human rights abuses- at the recently occupied Karori Farm where 95 farm worker families have been evicted.

Three women at the farm spoke to GAPWUZ officials last Friday and accused members of the army manning the farm of sexually harassing them and looting their belongings.

Last week Brigadier Justin Mujaji reportedly sent soldiers to seize the farm in defiance of a High Court order barring Mujaji from holding on to the crop harvested by the previous owner, Charles Lock.

The soldiers are reported to have chased the farm workers out of the farm before going on a rampage, looting the stored tobacco and wheat crops.

But GAPWUZ today reports that the soldiers are not only looting the farmer's crop, but are also sexually harassing the women.

"When the women reported to the police, not action was taken against the soldiers and this has since raised questions as to the extent of the harassment and as union we are going to make sure we follow up on this case using the relevant offices and we have since sought legal assistance from our human rights partners," said Gertrude Hambira, General Secretary of the union.

GAPWUZ has reported that there are over 66 000 farm workers who have been displaced since February this year.

The union, which has been at loggerheads with government over the alleged human rights abuses during the controversial land reform, has also written a letter to the Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai's office demanding that action be taken to stop the harassment of farm workers

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