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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Farm Siyuation Update

Stockdale citrus estate - Peter Etheredge

It has been brought to our attention that senator Edna Madzongwe has moved 28 cattle onto the farm, it would be interesting to know where they came from! She is building 2 guard houses near the entrance and the bricks cement and sand were all stolen on Stockdale .

Madzongwe's son Valentine seems to be resident on the farm and according to information there is a lot of equipment missing. Small expense stuff that can be put into a pickup and sold in Chegutu and the surrounding area, it appears that his friends are also involved. Very little attention has been given to the management of citrus, no fertilizer or chemicals have been applied.

The other day I was in Chegutu giving evidence in last year's case of robbery (ZANU PF driver) and I was approached by the Chegutu police (ass inspec Bepura) who asked me when we were going to move our furniture from the houses. He seemed very keen to help us with assistance from the police to move so Madzongwe can move into the houses (that is all she wants). I told him that we are going through the courts to move all our Equipment as well which he replied that that would be a problem. I told him that we have a record of every single thing on the farm including serial no's etc and that there will be another civil case against the Senator Madzongwe in the future if anything is missing.

There appears to be a lack of enthusiasm on the part of the authorities, in progressing criminal cases against Gilbert Moyo and his mob. One wonders if there is not any interference with these cases going forward.

Peter Etheredge - Chegutu



My name is Charles Ingram Lock, I.D No 63-884252 Q, and I was residing at Karori Farm until I was illegally evicted by brigadier Mujaji and soldiers of the Zimbabwe National Army two weeks ago.

My workers and I, were all illegally evicted from the farm at gun point when we tried to remove our crops and possessions in accordance with our High Court Order Case No 3244/09. The statements by our workers who were beaten by the soldiers and dumped off the farm have been recorded at Headlands Police Station. We managed to centralise our workers and organise food for them. One woman had been raped by the soldiers.

After the removal of our workers no one was allowed back to the farm and the police in Headlands are too scared to go there. I received reports of lorries leaving the farm at night time from people based off the farm.
I requested the Police to visit the farm and check on our goods if they could or would not help enforce the Order. Nothing happened. I was told by the Officer in Charge and DISPOL that they were awaiting instruction from their superiors.

When we were evicted from the farm we left approx 300 tons of maize, we have the exact amount in our store book, and 150 tons of tobacco, fertiliser and equipment of considerable value. On Wednesday 7th October, we discovered a broken down thirty ton lorry at 2km from Halfway House at Headlands. The lorry was full of our maize. My Manager and workers arrived at the scene and confirmed it as our maize, same bags, same stitching pattern and twine, and the lorry was on the road directly from Karori Farm about 4km away.

We managed to get 6 police officers from Headlands to attend the scene and they said they would impound the lorry. I had about 15 of my own workers there. The driver was accompanied by a soldier from the farm. A few hours later Mujaji arrived and threatened all the police and workers. They left in a hurry and demanded we take them back to the station. They allowed Mujaji to take the lorry. I discovered the lorry had been hired out by a Company based in Ruwa . We contacted the owner who confirmed the lorry had gone to Karori Farm, but explained he had no idea that the maize was stolen. He had not paid for it at that stage and confirmed Mujaji had ordered the lorry. I went to visit the maize on Friday 9th October and photographed it and confirmed it as mine.

I reported all of this to the Officer in Charge at Headlands and Dispol Rusape. They told me Inspector Musariri was handling the case and when I contacted him I found out he was on leave. On Monday we sent a lorry to Headlands Police to ask for Officers to accompany us to Ruwa. Again they refused. The owner who has the maize is anxious to have it removed, but the Police will not investigate it there. I phoned the DISPOL who said deal with Headlands

We have explained the situation and written to the senior officers for Crime at PGHQ. We have also appealed to the three principals of the GPA to resolve this absolute lawlessness.

I have summarised the crimes committed by the soldiers under Brigadier Mujaji and what action has been taken.

Sgt Makoni charged with attempted murder, by firing shots at Takesure Mashikado in CRF NO 54/8/2009. Remanded out of custody and told not to go back to the farm but ignored this and goes to the farm regularly and was responsible for the eviction himself.

8th September 2009, Pvt George Murambiwa fired shots at the workers and a ricochet hit Edina Wilson in the hand in CRF 23/9/2009. Accused has not been arrested yet, believed to have escaped.

10th September 2009, Mujaji and Mukoni broke into the farm office and stole two shotguns that we use to protect our crops, CRF NO 10/9/09. I discovered the shotguns under the bed of one of the soldiers and told Sgt Bunda who told me not to take them or I would be arrested. The shotguns have not been retrieved yet.

20th September 2009, Pvt Gilbert Chibvunje raped Wongai Harrison in CRF 37/9/09. The accussed was remanded in custody for two weeks and is now back on the farm.

26th September 2009, the following soldiers under the command of Brig Mujaji evicted our entire work force and beat up eight staff. Sgt Mukoni, Sgt Mutami, Corp Kuuya,Tevera, Choukani,Mushonga, Murambiwa, Chibvunje, Tatenda, Mutamba, Sithole. Cr No 8/10/09 and CRNo 7/10/09.

7th October discovery of maize lorry taking 30 maize from Karori Farm in an armed robbery by Mujaji and his soldiers. Lorry impounded by Police then released out of fear after Mujaji arrived and threatened everyone.
RRB NO 0578070

10th and 11th October reported theft of maize by locals and selling it in Headlands RRB No 0578070. Police visited the farm I am told but chased away by the soldiers.

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