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Friday, October 23, 2009

Latest farm report

Dennis Lapham - Report 1

Dear Jag

I was called to Juru police to receive a summons on Fri 16th to appear in court Tues 20th!

Charge laid on 11/10/09 by Shumbamhini Criminal act Sect 45 INTIMIDATION

Chikunga said we did not appear in court on the 7th! I said we did. He said Prove it ? !

This was the date Mamvura (Scallen & Holderness ) & I drove to Murewa court to wait 2 hours and as they were too busy ( only one prosecutor ) He got the charges from the prosecutor and left him his phone to arrange a trial date.

We then visited Juru to see the CID const Chikunga and spoke to him about the case. He also to demand they do a RRB for the Smashing of the Locks on the Pump houses which they actioned.

Went to my lawyer Mamvura in Harare on Friday 16th, Scallen & Holderness.

He said I was to take a letter to the prosecutor on Tues. 20th to state he cannot make this Tuesday. We need more time and on Nov 3rd he will represent me.

On Monday 12th Meanie made an appointment at 10 am to see me to discuss the way forward

He failed to arrive so I went to Harare at 12. I went to the Lands Office to see Planner Mugabe (to get the boundary he drew in writing) who was out. I then saw Lester Muradzi who was off to a meeting so asked me to see him next week.

On exiting the building onto the street I met Meanie who stopped me to talk about loaning him 100 Irig pipes. The pipe to "his" side had burst and as he had no money, ...? we were to fix it

We have now repaired 5 pipes that broke!

Lovemore Kudenge phoned to see me and I directed him to come to talk to Meanie which he did

The story that he was told was so full of lies I was nearly speechless!

Like I gave him my house, and we did not own the farm.

He only has 75ha arable! I count 117ha arable He has paid for the ZESA used!

Not worth repeating any more.

I await Lovemore asking me for my side of the equation.




Dear John

Well Meanie was there today in Murewa and the prosecutor Mr T Bvuma accepted the need for more time. He proposed early January 2010

There was another case brought by Meanie! about his guard stopping the Tractor coming up to our house on 17th Aug. From what I can gather the guard is putting a case AGAINST the driver of the tractor. I really despair at the legal system

We have a Police reservist watch who refuses to vacate the house he occupied during his guarding of the Seed Maize! Long time ago the Messenger of the court gave him an Eviction Notice 3 months ago ( at a cost of $120 ) But he is still there so I visited him In Murewa today and had to pay $130 plus other sundry fees to get the case actioned for his removal.

Meanie is milling commercially for all & sundry around the area at $1 per bucket.

What is the legal position as I feel it is not correct with our ZESA.

Dennis Lapham

3. Dennis Lapham - Devonia

Have just heard that three men from Min of Lands been on the farm at Lunch time

They are reported to be dividing the farm that Meanie has into three 100 ha subdivisions

There seems to be no future at all in trying to do things legally...

Dennis Lapham

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