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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

This is Interesting Reading...

One CFU President's legacy from 2002 is "we are working with the government on the land reform programme." By then there were about 1200 evicted farmers who were not quite sure about that very policy.

Seven years later, we now have a CFU President who has explained fully what "the land reform programme" has done to the holistic governance of the country over the last seven years.

De Bono would call this "white hat thinking" - dealing only with the facts.

In 2002 CFU policy exposed itself and agriculture to working with ("dialogue with') drugged up, intoxicated Zanu Youth Brigade who wanted to lay their hands or destroy anything they could.

"Jambunja" - along with other unique Zanu social behaviour such as defecating on the floors, attacking civilians and burning homesteads - aside from rape, torture and murder that is - became the work experience or practical bit for farmers carrying out the "dialogue" policy.

It would appear that CFU, Jag and SACFA might now rather say that they are "working with SADC Judiciary" based in Windhoek. With a bench of respected impartial international Supreme Court Judges they would be focused on the application of the rule of law - rather than inciting people to defecate on the verandah.

The process of rehabilitation for persons who have an innate desire to defecate on the floor of a house, rape and murder civilians, burn or break everything that they cannot take away and then expect the western world to embrace them as heroes - may well be a long and complicated process.

The process of rehabilitating politicians who have incited these persons to carry out these barbaric acts - can only be more complicated, in my opinion. We need to remember that the inciters or planners of this behaviour will probably be in pin stripe suits at UN or EU conferences, or CNN interviews - eloquently, and ever so softly expounding the virtues of their political party and its manifesto about human rights!
Ask a "verandah defecator inciter" (VDI) about Bishop Tutu or the SADC Tribunal - and out comes the aggression and the denial.

When optimists say - it is all good because they have all changed
- I think of the saying "the best prediction for future behaviour is past behaviour."

J.L. Robinson.

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