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Thursday, October 29, 2009


Hi All.

The deal we have been drafting up hopefully is nearly completed.

For those who did not read CFU Calling, the scheme will be between the grower and the company. The company will supply the grower with fertilizer, chemicals, seed and should you wish diesel. The grower will do the rest and when the crop is reaped the grower will sell his maize to the company. This will be one of 2 options: SAFEX plus $70 per tonne, or a price between the top 3 traders in Zim. Whichever is best.

We have had a very good response from some areas and no response from other areas. Please we need to know if you are interested.

What we will require from you prior to signing any contract, should this scheme take off, is a grower profile. Years of experience, yields achieved in the past both irrigated and dryland etc. The total hecterage you wish to plant this year (Irrigated, Dryland or supplementary irrigation) and which district. If you are not a member but are interested in this scheme we can make a plan. Easy, become a member.

There is a new company on the market whom would like to purchase your maize, should you have held any back and would now like to sell. This company is OLAM and they will pay cash for your maize. TOP DOLLAR I am assured. Price is negotiable. They can also organize to collect your maize should you wish to go this route. Contact person is John Beverly 0913 406034 or e mail

AN is a problem. Sable has had a breakdown. I have been in touch with Windmill since Monday but do not get any returned calls. Surprising!!!! They are however apparently making a plan through SA. I will let you know when AN will be available for collection or I have been able to make some other plan between Windmill and ZFC. Again this will be dependent on ZFC having AN.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Richard Taylor

Contact Details Rich 0912 311704; Pam 0912 248730; Direct Line 04 309862
E mail;

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