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Monday, October 19, 2009


All you young ladies out there, please be aware when walking around Chisi
Car Park outside Club Manoka (Excuse the spelling) On Friday night or
should I rather say Saturday morning around 1am my 19 year old daughter got
a phone call from a friend who asked her to meet her downstairs outside the
club. My daughter went downstairs and took a walk to the corner. Her
friend didn't appear so she decided to go home. She tried to phone a taxi
but her phone died. She started walking back to the club to borrow a phone
so she could phone a taxi. Then our nightmare started!!! She was grabbed
from behind by her throat and the man squeezed her wind pipe until she
passed out. She was dragged to a nearby ditch where she was raped. She
came to two or three times and each time he squeezed her throat and she
passed out again. He never said a word. All she new was that he was a
black man, quite big and he was raping her. She is a strong young lady who
can hold her own and she is extremely street wise, and SHE was helpless.
When she came to she ran back to the club in her T-Shirt as her shorts (knee
length not those skimpy short ones some of the girl wear to club) had been
torn off her and stolen. A good Samaritan gave her a pair of short he had
in his gym bag. Thank you kind sir. The police were phoned.

Highlands police station were absolutely excellent, they had sniffer dogs
out at the scene by 3am and they tracked this man all over. Hopefully they
have arrested him by now but we will find out later. We returned to the
police station at 7am were the questioning and statements started. This end
around 9.45am. Then it was time to go to the Government Hospital for tests
and examinations. This ended at 4pm !!!! My daughter has been given drugs
in case she has contracted HIV; she's been given drugs in case she is
pregnant and she has been given drugs in case she has contracted syphilis!!!
She has to take these drugs for the next year at a cost of US$ 122.00 a
month. She can't eat, she can't sleep she is terrified that she has AIDS;
we are terrified that she has AIDS. We sit anxiously waiting for the test
results to come back.

I have driven past there at all hours in the morning and seen young girls
waiting downstairs for lifts home or walking around the car park, please
girls don't do that it's not safe. Parents please can you warn your girls
not to walk around there on their own IT'S NOT SAFE THIS CAN HAPPEN TO
YOU!!!! Better still what with kids pulling guns on people and young girls
getting raped CLUB MONOKA should just close down the owners do not care
about the safety of your kids they only care about the money they are making
out of them !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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