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Friday, October 23, 2009

Billy Rautenbach again.

This makes interesting reading.......
Please read the letter below.

It seems that Billy Rautenbach is intending to close all the public roads that pass through the Old Nuanetsi Ranch which he has wheeled and dealed himself into controlling from the ZANU PF government.

It is known fact that he financed ZANU PF for the last violent March elections, which caused the murder of some 500 odd civilians and the opposing parties activists.

He has also taken control of a huge block of land that was run by the parastatal ARDA, where he is currently making preparations to install a Sugar Mill that he has purchased from a South American Government. All this when thousands of Zimbabwean farmers who were feeding the nation and other neighbouring countries, have been violently forced of their legally owned farms and game ranches.

One day soon Billy Rautenbach will have to answer for his greed and inhuman behaviour towards Zimbabweans.

Gerry Whitehead


  1. I have heard a rumour that Rautenbach's ban on travel to the EU and US has been removed after he paid off the SA authorities... any truth in this?

  2. Gerry Whitehead, where is the truth or the facts in what you write ??? I'd say, you are a bitter old man and you find comfort in putting the blame on a Man that you probably do not know ! What colour are Billys eyes??? Get a life and and leave alone what clearly is out of your league ! Bad rumours always follows a successful person - and crap out the mouth of failures! Now this makes for interesting reading !!!!!